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Here’s what you’ll get when you Join LaunchU

✔️ 1 Zoom meeting to discuss the unique strategy for your book launch! ($100 Value)
✔️ 10 video lessons on the power of self-publishing ($200 value)
✔️ Access to the Writers Block Facebook group ($150 Value)
✔️ A lesson on how to easily create graphics that attract your readers and lead them to purchasing your book. 
✔️ Training on how to design a website that leads to guaranteed book sales and mailing list sign ups. 
✔️ 1 PDF with notes and examples from each session. (Includes links to books, apps, and websites mentioned) ($70 Value)  
✔️ Training on how to create a writing room that leads to effortless creativity and producing your best content 
✔️ 2 BONUS Teachings:From Dr Steve Greene on how to be led by the Spirit in the Marketplace. ($200 Value)
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