$179.00 USD

Author Apprenticeship





Get access to 15 Lessons  with Apostle Colette and her publishing team. They teach you everything you need to know to launch your book. Plus a one-on-one session with Apostle Colette.

What You Get:

  • Apostle Colette will help you write the first chapter of your book.

  • Allocated time with Apostle Colette to apply what you learn and get feedback
  • A lesson on how to transform anything you ever taught into a chapter of your book. 
  • A lesson on how to format your book to look professional. You'll be able to publish on Amazon and other publishing platforms

  • Help creating the cover of your book. Anything you can imagine made into reality

  • Professional editing tips. 7 keys to keep a good reading flow

  •  How to write a back cover description that draws in leaders like crazy
  • BONUS: Bar codes, ISBN and international distribution