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Apostolic Boot Camp with Colette Toach

Step into who God made you to be!

For me, your mandate is personal!

 I was there to confirm your apostolic call. When I published Apostolic Handbook in 2010 I visited you in your process. You had no clue what the word "apostle" was. I got to help you through that transition. Today I'm  visiting you again to say, "Let's get you to office." I want to be your Barnabas that points you towards your Antioch! 


Find Your Antioch

Apostolic Boot Camp Online Mentorship Event

August 9th, 10am PST 
August 12th, 10am PST
August 30th, 10am PST
September 2nd, 10am PST
September 6th, 10am PST

PERSONAL COACHING: $399 (0 Tickets Available)

*All sessions are recorded and available for replay until September 30th 2023

* All fees are non-refundable*

Resources for every stage of your journey

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Let's take a journey through 5 live video lessons together. (Sign up and check your email for a huge surprise for letting me in on your process!)

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Meet twice! Once with the next gen prophets and second with either Apostle Craig or Colette. 

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I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

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Every lesson is a real-time video. Recordings will be accessible after. Lessons include multiple choice questions and the option to request personal ministry from the Next Gen Prophets 

Lesson 1: 10 Signs to confirm your apostolic call

I don't mess around. By the end of our first meeting, you'll know whether you're called to be an apostle or not. This confirmation serves as a foundation for the remainder of the course.

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Lesson 2: Navigate the 3 phases of your apostolic process

It helps to have someone on the outside plot your progress. Together we'll visit and confirm your apostolic process.

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Lesson 3: Key markers of your apostolic type

Not all apostles are created equal. Don't feel short-changed any longer. Embrace your unique apostolic type and prep for your mandate. 

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Lesson 4: Make the transition from pastor/prophet to apostle

The rules changed and you didn't get the memo. I'll help you navigate the transition with minimum casualties and maximum success

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Lesson 5: Clear signs that you're ready to be commissioned as an apostle

Become confident in your office. God calls, not man. However, Paul and Barnabus were commissioned by the elders. You need confirmation. This lesson will make it clear.

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