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Let's make something clear, I WILL make you an author in 2024. Thousands will read your book and you will have a sustaining source of income after you publish. 

I'm going to help you pull off one of the most successful projects in your life. Just follow exactly what I say in the next 5 classes and you will be a self-publishing phenomenon

Keep your book rights. Cash in 100% of profits from your book. I just want to help you publish and become a successful author. 

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Apostolic Author Apprenticeship

Online Event Dates

November 28th, 3pm (PST) 

Tuesday, November 28th
Friday, December 1st
Tuesday, December 5th
Friday, December 15th
Tuesday, December 19th

Attend via Zoom and write our masterpiece in a month. 

PERSONAL APPRENTICESHIP: $499 (40 Tickets Available)

*All sessions are recorded and available for replay until January 29th 2024

* All fees are non-refundable*

HUGE Apprentice Benefits


Save Thousands

You save thousands of dollars and hours when you learn to self publish with skill. 

Full Book Ownership

Keep 100% of your income and book rights. We show you how.

Practical and Replicable

You'll be able to write book after book once you learn these practical skills

Publishing Guidance

From where to publish your book, to tracking sales, you'll be in full control of your publishing process

Choose Your level of Success

*apprentice is the way to go!
Free Admission

Get access to 5 live classes with the ability to watch replays.  

What You Get:

  • Attend live classes

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Personal Apprenticeship $499
40 S
eats Left

Participate in apprentice only breakout rooms with Colette Toach and her publishing team. Attend 5 exclusive meetings where they teach you everything you need to know to launch your book.

What You Get:

  • Apostle Colette will help you write the first chapter of your book.

  • Access to 5 additional breakout rooms. Join Apostle Colette and her publishing team where they help you build the book your dream of.  

  • Allocated time with Apostle Colette to apply what you learn and get feedback
  • You'll be assigned to a classroom of peers that match their message for optimum collaboration and community. 
  • A lesson on how to transform anything you ever taught into a chapter of your book. 

  • A lesson on how to format your book to look professional. You'll be able to publish on Amazon and other publishing platforms

  • Help creating the cover of your book. Anything you can imagine made into reality

  • Professional editing tips. 7 keys to keep a good reading flow

  •  How to write a back cover description that draws in leaders like crazy
  • BONUS: Bar codes, ISBN and international distribution

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I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Some of The Topics We'll Cover

Class 1: Assembling Content

Date: November 28th
e: 3pm (PST)


Session 1: Free
If you podcast, preach, blog, send emails or post to social media, you already have content for your book! Learn how to collect and organize to get started QUICK!

Session 2: Apprentice
Nathan Berry will teach you how to transcribe any one of your messages and turn them into a chapter for your book. 


Session 3: Apprentice
You'll take time to write a layout of topics for your book. You will have a complete outline by the end of this session


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Lesson 2: Set the Tone

Date: December 1st
e: 3pm (PST)


Session 1: Free
Pull your message through each chapter. Make sure you readers are following you clearly and hunger for what they'll learn next.

Session 2: Apprentice
Apostle Craig Toach will show you how to format your book so it portrays the power of your message perfectly.


Session 3: Apprentice
You'll start writing the first chapter of your book. Apostle Colette will review it to make sure it captures your audience


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Lesson 3: Call to Action

Date: December 5th
e: 3pm (PST)


Session 1: Free
This is how to make people want to come back for more. Establish your marketing mailing list and give your readers results in advance. 

Session 2: Apprentice
Deborah -Anne Velthusen will teach you how to tap into a creative writing flow on demand
Session 3: Apprentice
You'll learn to write a strong email to promote your book to an interested audience.
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Lesson 4: Discover Your Writing Voice

Date: December 15th
e: 3pm (PST)


Session 1: Free
Sounds great! Systems, tips and grammar principles that will make you sound like a PRO! Included: how to recognize your unique author voice and use it deliberately
Session 2: Apprentice
Denise Jordan will teach you how to edit your book so it's professional and easy to follow.
Session 3: Apprentice
You'll edit the layout and grammar of your first chapter in this session


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Lesson 5: Find Your Audience

Date: December 19th
e: 3pm (PST)


Session 1: Free
Recognize, reach and relate to YOUR UNIQUE audience! Why focus is the key to book writing. Along with SURPRISE: Rather write 5 small books on one subject than 1 book on 5 subjects. Increased readership and sales

Session 2: Apprentice

Jessica Toach will rain you to create a cover that captures the message of your book and the attention of your audience. 
BONUS: An author will present his book to the group and we will create a cover for him in real time.
Session 3: Apprentice
We will throw around ideas and symbols for your cover.


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Meet the Team that's Going to make Your Book Successful 

(Apprenticeship Benefit)

 Connect with the team that produced 53 books. Including bestsellers, teachings used at Wagner University, teaching manuals, and College materials. Upgrade Apprenticeship level now.

Write Your Book With ApostlColette Toach 


Whatever the topic, however long the book, Apostle Colette will make sure your message is clear and powerful. This is your opportunity for one-on-one training with a seasoned author.

 Learn Professional Formatting with Apostle Craig Toach


The flow of your book is dictated by its formatting. He’ll make sure it’s easy to read, great to follow, and impactful at all the right moments. Glean from his wisdom and years of experience.

Create a Compelling Cover with Jessica Toach


Choose the strongest visual message of your book with Jessica. She teaches you how to capture your audience with a striking cover. Learn what you want and what your audience is looking for.

How to Transcribe Your Preaching into Book Content

Turn any message you've ever preached into a chapter of a book. Learn what to keep and what to cut with Nathan Berry, Apostle Colette's official transcriber.


Craft Your Message With Denise Jordan


After you've written your masterpiece, it's a good idea to edit it so people can understand your message. Learn how to keep your voice in the book while maintaining a professional tone. 

Discover the Secret to Accessing a Creative Writing Flow with Deborah-Anne Velthuysen


Smash the fear of writer’s block forever. Tap into the spirit of creativity every time you write. Deborah specializes in teaching you how not to overthink and to write your best from the beginning.


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