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What U Get 

One-on-One Zoom Consultation 

Attend a private zoom meeting with Colette Toach & her team to create a launch strategy for your book or ministry. We lay out clear vision & direction for how we can help you spread your message to the world. 


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Author Apprenticeship Course 

Get access to 10 Lessons  that teach you everything you need to know to launch your book. 

Lessons Include:

  • How to transform anything you¬†ever taught into a chapter of your book.¬†
  • How to format your book to look professional on any platform.

  • ¬†What to put on the cover of your book.

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Bi-Monthly Workshops 

Join future meetings that  contribute to your launch strategy. Colette will personally mentor you and provide you with specific direction. 

Spirit-led professionals will also attend to give you an impartation of their skill-sets.

Lift Off!


Business Workshop by Dr Steve Greene 

Dr. Steve Greene, a Marketplace Apostle, help you master your marketplace call in 2 training sessions.

Former dean of business at Oral Roberts University, with over 40 years in marketing and leadership, Dr. Steve Greene coaches you in your marketplace ministry.


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LaunchU $250 (Registrations Close After 100 People)

Watch our most recent workshop that includes 3 sessions with Colette Toach and her marketing team on. They' teach you everything you need to know to launch your book on any platform. 

The 3 Sessions Include

  1. How to create a flyer/ graphic to promote your book.
  2. How to create a simple yet powerful layout for your website
  3. How to find your writing voice and create a writing room.


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The Writers Block 

Start an on going writing mentorship with Apostle Colette Toach. Get personal investment in your writing project. 

This Package Include

  1. Bi-weekly zoom meetings
  2. Author collaborations. Join a group of authors to help brainstorm your book. 
  3. 1-on-1 meetings to discuss the progress of your book. 


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Authors Like U


Needed Help
Finding Her Voice

"My training with Apostle Colette has changed the course of my writing.  At one point, I considered never writing again but now I'm writing my 2nd book. I've learned strategies, I've gained tools, but most importantly... I've discovered my voice and who I am as an author"

- Tina Smith

Loved Hands on Training From Someone who cared

"Colette coaches us not just from the art of coaching but from the heart. She cares more about you and your book than you do! She journeys with you as if she's writing the book but you're really the one writing it."

- Gwendolyn Henry


Returning Author Who Almost Gave Up!

"My Dream of becoming an author was brought back to life! Through Colette's knowledge and expertise, I was able to craft a devotional that will enrich many lives. If you're thinking of writing a book, don't wait, 2024 is the year of the open door."

- Lilly Simmons 

1st Time Author Who
Needed Guidance

"I tried writing on my own but I never realized how much I needed someone in my corner. I needed someone with an outside eye to tell me to keep writing because my message was worth it." 

- Anne Chen