We want to Answer Your Questions!

If you don't quite understand how the program works or if you just want to know if it's right for you, book a call. Your process is a priority to us and we want to guide you as best as we can to where God wants you to be. Here are some common questions...

  • How do I join the Live classes? 
  • How do I get access to the course and projects?
  • Am I good fit for the program?
  • Where am I in my apostolic process? 
  • Am I really apostolic?

We've got answers for you. And we have prophets who flow strongly in the gift of discernment who can help you identify if you have an apostolic call. We'll make time for you, just pick a date below.

We have a live chat feature in the bottom right corner of this page. Click the button that says "Chat with us" to speak to someone ASAP.

Schedule a Call with the Team

Be sure to include your phone number and email so we can follow up when you book your call!

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